TDS believes that success is a derived result of common social values that every organization must hold.CSRTDS is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), main pillars which are strong standings for TDS are:

  1. People

TDS has been trying best to deliver Better Living Standards, better life style to its employees. Fo
r this, throughout from incorporation TDS have been engaged in accessing the needs of its employees, improving their livings and most importantly enhancing their career capacity as in their expertise, skill set and interpersonal skills.

     2. Environment

Since the establishment, TDS is always been concerned on the potential effects of our business activities on the environment and its sustainability. Being a non-asset owning logistics provider, we don’t own vessels, trucks or planes even though TDS is indulged in helping and suggesting its customers, vendors and other stake holders to reduce their carbon footprints. TDS is sharing in the environment sustainability in the following ways:

  • Mode of transportation, which involves less factors affecting environment.
  • Maximum utilization of container space, i.e consolidation plan.
  • We encourage and practicing paperless environment in our offices.
  • Efficient usage of energy in form of electricity and other sources.
  • We have specific standards in selecting our vendors, our standards correlates with the safety & fitness of equipment& all other transportation assets.
  • TDS is running programs with the name ‘GoGreen’. TDS employees as participants in which our team educate the clients and all vendors about the environment impacts due to transportation.

     3. On Job trainings

In house on job training, outsourced trainings on the products and values we are delivering, is a key to TDS success. Trainings add values in the expertise of employees, knowledge in prevailing market trends and product related advancement. Employees are core assets of our company, we are also conducting interpersonal skills related trainings to get refined form of our asset.