Our warehouse tailored services includes following:

  1. Storage
  2. Loading / Unloading (as per requirements)
  3. Palletization
  4. Consolidation
  5. Distribution
  6. Packing/Re-packing
  7. GOH services
  8. Local cartage
  9. Repair of cartons(if received damaged)


TDS facilities combine function with labor and comprehensive spectrum of services to drive down costs and move products through your supply chain, on time and accurately. We have been serving world’s most renowned brands since last 5 years, regardless of profit margins our customer, their cargo is most important and valuable for us.

Our warehouse covering an area of 15,000 sq feet is fully secured in all aspects and is designed on International standards and requirements.


Palletization has to be effected in such a way to accommodate the required goods in good condition. For the protection of the good we use the pallets  & proper nailing & fixing is used in each wooden material. We know exactly where your product is at all times.  Our racks were custom-made to handle standard pallets,  GOH (Garments on Hangers) as well as irregular-shaped objects up to twelve feet wide and five feet deep.

Pallets we use are placed in our warehouse after heat treatment and pesticide fumigation as per International standared like ISPM-15.


TDS Garments on Hanger (GOH) Services are available for the transport of apparel. We provide GOH special services and GOH trucking transport capability (a rack system built into the truck). Goods on hangers is recommended for businesses looking for the quick distribution of clothing. Our G.O.H. handling speeds up the distribution process by minimizing the need to pack and un-pack. For high quality or designer apparel, TDS G.O.H. handling offers a solution that protects clothing from unnecessary handling, reduces creases, wrinkles and can eliminate the need for ironing at the retail destination.

Cost Effective * Speed * Quality


TDS can provide consolidation service of less than truckload or container load shipments to multiple customers. We can also provide consolidation service of multiple suppliers for full container shipments to a single destination.

How do we consolidate?

  • Shippers’ consolidation
  • Buyers’ consolidation
  • As per shippers or buyers manual
  • PO wise, Style wise, Carton # wise
  • Snake loading
  • Reverse loading
  • Destination wise loading


We pride ourselves in the nimble execution of both complex and straightforward logistics requirements. We invite you to bring to us your difficult logistics challenge. We will be up to the task of tackling and managing your logistics needs with our breadth of execution tools, assets and resources that our companies can bring to bear.


Why should you choose us?

Please see below list of factors and security measures which make our facility secured.


  • Armed Security guards are duty 24/7
  • CCTV cameras are fixed all around the building premises
  • Doom cameras are affixed on main gate.
  • Unauthorized persons are not allowed to enter through main gate even unless and until security guards have no confirmation from concerned person.
  • ATD rays devices are affixed all around the building premises which are turned on after office/work hours. If someone cross or walk through the area, invisible rays sense and alarm to Port Qasim Authority armed force/police who arrive within no time. This is the security facility which is not available in any other CFS facility at Port Qasim.
  • Trucks or drivers are not allowed to enter in warehouse until and unless concerned person don’t confirm their identity.